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  • Colin Barclay


Some restaurants put salt and pepper on every table along with basic condiments, and some give you nothing, that’s because they don’t want you cooking at the table - either that or they are going broke. One of you out there puts salt on your food…before you taste it. This makes Jacque very upset, his face turns bright red and then he yells at a line cook for no apparent reason, so please, save an innocent cook and stop doing that.

Someone orders a corona and it comes with a couple limes on a side plate, and the salsa sitting in front of you happens to be missing that zing you are looking for - perfect opportunity to cook at the table. When you understand how to work with fat, acid, salt, sweet and heat, these opportunities present themselves all the time when dining out. Lemonade is not free at “The Taco Shack”, but a cup for water, lemon wedges and sugar packets are.

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